Who we are

Lord Marco (Left) and Lord Marcello Fumagazzi (the “Fumagazzi Brothers”) are teenage friends who grew up too late, and are still in the process. One is making a living out of world-class IT consultancy, the other is involved in mysterious activities. Irony, statistics, business are their passions. Watches were not, but they’ve been whisked out of their daily occupations – and parachuted in the world of watches – by this unbelievable adventure.

Who he is

Lord Augustus, Fumagazzis’ uncle, is the only real watchmaker in the family. Enthusiast one second, hypercritic the second after, the final word is with him when it comes to a product feasibility. Ruling with iron fist over the Fumagazzi’s workhouse, he leads a team of dedicated craftsmen and beautiful girls. Of course the nephews are hovering around, every now and then: guess why ? His passion is watches, and he does not disdain a good business either. That’s why he is willing to put 30 years of experience at stake for this crazy endeavour.

About them

Marco Mazzoli (left) is the inventor of “The 105 Zoo”, a one-of-its-kind, politically uncorrect, satirical, often sanctioned radio show in Italy, but the most popular by far, boasting an impressive 1.3M listeners daily. He is also “the bad boss” of @Revolution935 FM Radio in Miami.

Paolo Noise (right) is Marco’s alter-ego at the 105 Zoo show. A multi-faceted artist, musician and entrepreneur, who invented the claim “Fumagazzi – solo per bravi ragazzi” (only for the good guys), Paolo is also resident DJ at the most exclusive disco club in Milan.