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"This is something new. ICONIC, IRONIC LUXURY"
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“We trade your dirty soul for a jewel like this.
Satan burns with rage: he's been cheated!”
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“You see it, you smell it, you want it. That's Automatic!”
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"Let's be honest: you don’t need this to read the time."
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"Watch your back… You're being Surveilled !!!"
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"Diving in the Bathtub with a hungry Cayman"
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You're a Pickpocket ? "Be Classy about it !"
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SPEEDGUN “VELOX” – If you want my license, gotta catch me first!
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Chapter 7 "Bailout". IRONIC ? Yes, but true ITALIAN luxury
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The "Vampiro Negro". Mucho Negro, and a bit of Vampiro
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"Wall Street Boomer". The Italian Job meets NYSE
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Come for the catchphrases, and then stay for the products !
It's really something new. ICONIC, IRONIC LUXURY
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It's always "Spritz time", somewhere in the world !
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A Blue Blood Dictator. That's what you are...
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A Luminol shows you more than your eyes can take...