Fumagazzi GoldFingering

A proper Headpiece of adequate lineage for the King Midas of music, entertainment, Beach Lounge’s Opulence. It’s the perfect gift for the Clubber who got a Ferrari at the primary school’s graduation. It’s inspired to the golden finger, the one that you keep on the console’s slider. The golden finger that pushes PLAY to pretend you’re a multi-instrumentist, The golden finger that clicks the button on your life’s virtual slot machine and scores just another jackpot.

Never forget to carry a white marker in you pocket, to sign autographs to the mortals that will beg you for one.

With its Male and Vigorous “Cactus tridentis” on the headpiece’s forehead, you’ll never go unnoticed. It’s perfect for a blind date, and fits even better when paired with Fumagazzi’s Velox Luminol, Ultravelox o Shameless watches.

Breathable fabric, so you can wear it during hot events like next year’s SexOntheBitch at 12:00 on August 33rd, skiing in Dancalia or relaxing in the Finnish sauna.
A bold Fumagazzi brand is hand-sewed on the rear of the Headpiece, so that the herd of disciples may follow their Messiah even on a crowdy seashore.

Equipped with a front wing sun shade. It doesn’t protect you from the sun. It protects the sun from your proud and glacial gaze, that would embarrass the star and force it to set before the due time.


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Fumagazzi GoldFingering


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